What are the main causes of these problems and

what should we do to resolve these problems?

Not having much Biogas, having a low percentage of Methane or Having a high hydrogen sulfide percentage may occur. These issues may happen to some plants within to all types of industry from palm oil industry to ethanol plant, but why? Mainly it is the lack of knowledge causing you to make the wrong choice of technology, controlling the plant incorrectly. That's why we should let the experts determine the technology and raise the standard control system .

The poorly chosen technology or the inappropriate way of operating the system may be the cause of the problem, and the best solution is to hire a professional to check on the system and operation to lift the standard. Most plants can not guarantee the quality and quantity of the Biogas produced merely because the biogas operators do not have a deep understanding of the system causing the system to crash or run the risk of long-term failure.  The new standard of guaranteeing the system will allow us to be confident in the quality and rate of Biogas produced.



Why should a plant have an overall assessment regularly?

Any industry should have an overall assessment of the biogas system to determine the problem, to monitor the system and prevent system failures that may occur.

These issues occur to every type of industry form palm oil plants to ethanol plants. However with the check up , the factory does not only know the correct way to resolve the case 

but to also have the opportunity to develop the plant and be aware of the development whether the developed system is working to its full potential or not, in order to prevent any system failure.

What does AnaerobicTech provide you?


  Anaerobic Tech will examine the installed technology, maximizing the biogas production, reducing hydrogen sulfide concentration,  giving consultancy service by our specialist,  allowing the advising executive to understand the principle of guaranteed quality and quantity to convey the knowledge and advise the control system, working with the authorities of the plant.